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5 Ways to Make Your Student Loan Last the Summer

Published March 21, 2018

Summertime, and the living is… dreary? Don’t panic if your last maintenance loan installment of the year is on the skimpy side: a few money rules can help it go the distance. When it comes to student finance, summer term is a mixed bag. You’ll get slightly more maintenance loan to tide you over the […]

How to Make Money Part-Time

Published March 16, 2018

The student lifestyle is famous for many things, and being skint is one of the less glamorous aspects of it, but there are numerous ways to avoid this and make some money whilst studying. Part-time jobs are one of the options open to you, but there are plenty of other ways that you can get […]

Efficient Food Shopping: Advice for Students

Published February 28, 2018

Food is right up there with rent as one of the biggest expenses students have while at uni. Learn how to make your student loan go further at the supermarket with these money-saving tips! 1. Compare and save With so many amazing money-saving apps around, comparing prices across online retailers and supermarkets is easy. Check […]

How to Be More Eco-Friendly in Your Student Accommodation

Published January 24, 2018

Are you living your best eco-friendly student lifestyle? If not, here are some small and simple changes you can make in your everyday life that will have HUGE benefits for the environment. Go on, the Earth will thank you for it. Meal prep Meal planning will not only help you to feel like a #mealprep […]

How to Manage Your Workload in 2018

Published January 16, 2018

With the smell of mince pies, mulled wine, and roast dinners still lingering in the air, it can be difficult to get back into your academic routine after the Christmas break. But the new year is the perfect time to get into good habits! Follow our top tips to avoid the dreaded all-nighter before deadline […]