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Top Spots for Freshers in Salford

Published October 9, 2018

Salford has become a firm favourite for students looking for choice, variety, and an exciting lifestyle of independence. From its cosy coffee houses and edgy late-night bars to the gorgeous red-brick architecture (on and off campus), it’s a real hive of activity. In fact, it’s one of the fastest-growing student accommodation hotspots in the UK. […]

Top Spots for Freshers in Dundee

Published October 9, 2018

Dundee is fast becoming the cool alternative to Glasgow and Edinburgh: it’s not only Scotland’s sunniest city, but it also boasts a culture that has thrived among the down-to-earth, pleasant people who live here. The arts community is second to none, and benefits from the city’s distinct lack of snobbery. You’ll have a lot of […]

Best Holiday Destinations for Students

Published September 10, 2018

Between broadening your mind and living with your mates, what else could really top the university experience? Well, the fact that you’ve upgraded from six weeks of holiday in the summer to at least three months’ worth is surely up there. All of which you can fill (or not) to your heart’s content. It really […]

Clearing 2018/19: Our Top Tips for Success

Published August 13, 2018

Clearing 2018/19: Our Top Tips for Success If you don’t quite meet the grades you need to get into your chosen uni, it can feel like the end of the world as you know it. Fortunately, there’s UCAS Clearing: a blessing for thousands of students every single year. It’s not a ‘last-chance saloon’ as some […]

Feeling Fresh: The Fresher’s Guide to Starting Uni

Published July 19, 2018

“Learn from your mistakes” is a phrase that means well, but it’s a bit removed from reality. For students, mistakes can be costly. In fact, this supposedly world-wise saying has little relevance when it comes to students. Especially for first-years! We’d much rather you learn from other people’s mistakes, which is why we’ve created The […]

What’s Most Important to Students When Choosing Accommodation?

Published July 6, 2018

Finding your university home is a momentous occasion. It’s your first taste of independence! To ensure that you do it right and you know what you’re looking for, we got in touch with a group of residents to get the lowdown. From location and security to comfort and community, there are loads of things to […]

What Happened to Affordable Student Housing?

Published June 29, 2018

In the UK, student accommodation costs are rising rapidly, and they show no signs of slowing down. Sadly, many university students are priced out of their choice locations, and forced to choose other cities to move to. Either that, or ‘get by’ the best they can. Our insightful whitepaper ‘What Happened to Affordable Student Accommodation’ […]

Doing Laundry for the First Time: How to Wash Your Clothes

Published June 28, 2018

There are loads of life-hurdles to overcome when you start living independently. The list goes on, really, from preparing food and paying bills to doing chores and acknowledging roommate boundaries. There’s one thing, however, that might creep up on you. It’s laundry. You certainly wouldn’t be the first student whose favourite shirt has turned an […]

Things to Do Within 5 Miles of our Salford Residence

Published June 2, 2018

When you choose your uni accommodation, you want there to be plenty for you to do in the area. Right on your doorstep, if possible. Fortunately, at our Salford residence (Bramall Court), that’s just what you get. Step out of your door, and you’ll be spoilt for choice. From restaurants and bars to shopping hotspots […]

Parents Worried About You Going to Uni? Show Them This.

Published May 11, 2018

Leaving for university takes a much bigger toll on your parents than you might think. It’s a bit like cutting the cord, isn’t it? They’ve looked after you your whole life, until it’s time for you to fly the nest. Then, you’re gone. That’s just when you leave, of course. The prolonged absence in the […]