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How to Choose Which UK City to Study at Uni In

Dec 8, 2018

If you’re unsure of which city to go to for university, take a look at the factors you’ll need to consider before deciding.

Choosing which course to study at university is hard enough without then having to decide where to actually study it. There’s a lot to think about when it comes to choosing which uni you go to, because you’ll be living in that city for the next three years (at least). Let’s take a look at some of the factors to consider before you buy that fresher-party wristband.Are you a homebird?For many people, going to university is their first time away from home. If you know you’re a bit of a homebird, it would definitely be wise to choose a city with great transport links. That way, whenever you feel like popping home for the weekend, you can.It’s also worth looking at the distance from your hometown to your new city – that way, not only will you be within easy reach of home, but it will also be easy for your family and your friends from home to come and see you. Alternatively, if you’re super-happy to fly the nest, looking at further-afield university cities could be the choice for you.How do you feel about city life?Are you all about the hustle and bustle or do you prefer to see the countryside from your window? Knowing whether or not you’ll be able to handle big-city life will go a long way to helping you choose your preferred university city.Big cities like London and Birmingham and Manchester give you endless activities to do, with something to be involved in every day and every night. There’s so much to explore in big cities, with a huge diversity of people you’ll get to meet. However, it does have its disadvantages – will you be able to afford going out every night in such a big city?Smaller cities like Leeds and Dundee will still give you that city rush, just on a smaller scale. You might find them more convenient, because you’ll be much closer to a lot of things, and it might even help you get to the library on time...Whether you choose a big or small city, we have no doubt that you’ll have fun either way. Remember: student campuses know how to show students a good time!What are your interests?Now, this is a big one! Different university cities have different selling-points, and these are usually always to do with hobbies and interests. So, what are you interested in? If you’re into music, watching live gigs, or even performing yourself, musical cities like Liverpool or Manchester are the ones for you.All about the theatre and the big lights? There’s no better place than the capital to get your theatrics on and have the chance to walk through the heart of the West End on the famous Shaftesbury Avenue. It’s worth doing a little research on which city best caters to your interests.“How much?!”We all know things can be a bit of a stretch on a student budget. Take into consideration the prices of things in different cities – we promise the price of a pint in Salford will definitely be different to the price of a pint in London.Look at rent costs, food prices, and transport-pass prices. It all adds up in the end, and that’s before you get into the cost of nights out and other social occasions.What’s the student vibe like?One of the most important factors when it comes to choosing a university city is knowing what the city is actually like for students. Are there many campuses? Are there lots of student societies to be involved with?Each city gives you something different, and it completely depends on what you want. Whether you’re after strolls on the beach after a long lecture or quirky cafes to study in, there’s a city for everything.We hope that’s helped to give you a clearer idea of what type of university city you’re after. Now, it’s time to get prepared to become a fresher and to have some of the best years of your life. We’re here to help with that, too – here’s a look at some of the types of people you might meet on your first few weeks at uni.If you need a little more help on where to go or where to stay, get in contact with us and we’ll be super-happy to help.

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