Best Holiday Destinations for Students

Sep 10, 2018

Money tends to be tighter when you're a student, but that doesn't have to stop you from going on great holidays during your uni breaks! Check out our tips.

Between broadening your mind and living with your mates, what else could really top the university experience? Well, the fact that you’ve upgraded from six weeks of holiday in the summer to at least three months’ worth is surely up there. All of which you can fill (or not) to your heart’s content. It really would be rude not to make the most of it – and, of course, that cushty student loan.So why not book a holiday?Make the most of those long stretches of summer and, with the help of our savvy friends at Parking at Airports, budget accordingly by picking the perfect destination for all your vay-cay needs.

The Best City for Nightlife

Renowned for its incredible music scene, if you’re after a cool party vibe, Berlin should be at the top of your list. Whether you want to get into the thick of Berlin’s famed techno clubs or rock up to more lowkey venues, there’s plenty on offer. You can secure relatively cheap flights when travelling at off-peak times, but you will find that access to clubs and drinks is similar to the UK.The best way to save your pennies when you’re in Berlin is to budget in the day so you can spend more at night. Here are a few quick tips to getting the most out of Germany’s capital:

  • Street food can be a cheaper alternative to dining in a restaurant
  • Seek out free attractions, including tours around the Reichstag and sights that you can see en route from A to B, such as the Brandenburg Gate
  • Go on modestly priced tours, covering everything from obscure street art and raves, to traditional walks to key historical landmarks in Berlin

If you’re really looking to get away on the cheap, why not consider exploring a hidden gem right on your doorstep? Sure, the guaranteed sun, sea, and sand may be a bit out of reach, but there are so many cool locations in the UK that are ideal for a student break.Our top choice would be Liverpool. Home to three universities, Liverpool is heaving with student life, so you won’t be short of a good time. If you’re going away as a group, splitting the cost of an Airbnb will give you a cheaper alternative that offers more freedom than holing up in a Travelodge.There’s also loads that you can do in the daytime:

  • Amazing shopping in Liverpool ONE
  • Learn about the (arguably) best and most famous band in the world at The Beatles Story exhibition
  • Visit numerous galleries and museums, including Merseyside Maritime Museum, the Walker Art Gallery, and whatever free displays are on at Tate Liverpool

For bars and clubs, we'd recommend...

  • The Cavern Club for those retro, oh-so pop vibes
  • The Krazyhouse, which is known for drawing in the students and has a great atmosphere filled with rock and indie tunes
  • The Laughterhouse Comedy for great stand-up and something a bit different

Book an Amsterdam Weekend Getaway

There are many cities in Europe that make for great weekends away. Hop on the Eurostar or a budget airline flight for under £100 return and discover the perfect balance of nightlife and culture. From discounted access to museums, to sampling Amsterdam’s most interesting baked goods, you’re truly spoilt for choice. Amsterdam offers the full package and promises lots of adventures that you’ll be laughing about with your friends about for years to come. From the thrills of the infamous Red Light District to a simple canalside bike ride, there’s something to suit every mood.Our Amsterdam musts for the culture junkie are...

  • Anne Frank House - a sobering visit to the home of one of Amsterdam’s most famous residents
  • Van Gogh Museum – home to the world’s largest Van Gogh collection
  • Jordaan – this neck of the woods is home to all manner of bars and drinking holes, as well as places to eat and shop
  • From just €10 you can get access to over 20 clubs for two or seven days depending on your stay, including AIR Amsterdam, RADION, and Club Escape

A Week Away in the Sun

If all you want is sun, sea, and sand, we totally understand. Spending so much time holed up in the library or cramped lecture halls can leave you feeling deficient in vitamin D. Why not treat yourself to a week away? With a bit of partying on the side, of course – you deserve to let your hair down!Head to Majorca and stay in its capital Palma. Rather than going all out in Magaluf, you can reap the benefits of Palma’sbusy nightlife and still return to a more chilled area to sleep off your hangover and sunbathe by the pool when you really need it.Here’s how to save money in Majorca:

  • Buy your drinks on the cheap at local supermarkets and pre-drink in your hotel room
  • Lots of bars will offer one free drink, so stay for the freebie and move on to the next!
  • There will be restaurants that are within your price range, but when in doubt you can always hit up familiar chains like McDonald’s
  • All about relaxing? Consider going all-inclusive to enjoy food and drink from your sun lounger with great all inclusive package offers from and Olympic Holidays

The Cheapest Long-Haul Holiday

Itching for the gap year you never had? Or do you want to make the most of your last summer holiday before third-year kicks in (and, ultimately, the real world)? Whatever the case, why not book in that once-in-a-lifetime holiday and fly further afield to some incredible destinations. Hey, what’s that student loan really for after all?

  • Tick off the Inca Trail, Machu Picchu, and Brazil’s Christ the Redeemer (why not take in the rest of South America while you’re there?!).
  • How about student hotspots in Southeast Asia like Thailand and Vietnam? Plenty of culture and sights to tick off, you can also find great nightlife.
  • Considering finding yourself in India? Goa offers stunning shores and cheap accommodation. Or find a happy medium and explore Jaipur.

In the Blink of an Eye

Graduates aren’t lying when they say university goes by quickly. One minute you’re a fresher wearing different fancy dress every night of the week, the next you’re donning a cap and gown. All this happens in the blink of an eye...Other than making the most of the resources and the professionals at your disposal, it’s important that you also enjoy your time off and grab your summer holidays with both hands. You’ll never get an opportunity like it. So whether it’s sharing a drink with friends on the beach or diving into a strange new culture, use that student loan for good and create some lifelong memories.

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