Which of These 12 Types of University Fresher Are You?

Oct 26, 2018

You'll come across loads of different types of people while you're at uni. But which type are you? Take a look, and have a read up on all the other types!

University is full of different types of people. Once you’ve started your life as a fresher, you’ll meet lots interesting and unique characters – some might even become friends for life!Looking at our list below, which of these brackets do you or your friends fit into? Are you always in the library? Does your flatmate go and see their parents every weekend? Will your coursemates only find you in the pub? Do you live with a jock or a cheerleader? Or have you gone to university after an extended gap year? Let’s see.

The Homebody

If you spend more time at home with your parents than with your new university friends on nights out, you’re certainly a homebody. Similarly, if you’re always on the phone to your parents, or you haven’t learned to cook your own meals, or you still take your washing home for your mum to do, this is certainly you!

The Messy One

We don’t really need to explain this. Let’s just say that if you’re making the most of your new-found freedom by maintaining the messiest room in your flat, you’ll certainly be the messy one. Oh, and FYI – if you look a little bit like footballing superstar Lionel Messi (or even if you don’t), you’ll probably get the nickname “Lionel”. That’s just what uni’s like.

The Tidy One

Tidy freshers aren’t just organised; they’re also quite good at telling messy people (see above) how untidy they are. A tidy fresher’s room is a bastion of organisation, whether that’s perfectly aligned belongings and an always-made bed, or a perfect filing system for coursework folders and more.

The Librarian

If it feels like you spend more time working in the library than in your actual flat, you’re the librarian. But remember: even if you spend 24/7 in the library, you’ll still have to pay your rent — even if you’ve not slept in your own bed for weeks on end!

The Lad’s Lad

The lad’s lad loves the pub. He loves a beer. He loves watching – and talking or shouting about – football or rugby (maybe both). Lads are always up for nights out with the lads. The lad’s lad was last seen rocking up to a lecture 10 minutes late smelling of last night’s booze. Don’t forget the stamp on their hand from the club or wherever they were drinking and dancing. Lads stick together and you’ll see (and hear) them a mile off, probably quoting The Inbetweeners and talking about Love Island.

The Takeaway King/Queen

Forget cooking. Who needs to spend time preparing meals when there’s a whole row of takeaways a few minutes away from your flat? Better still, they’re all open till the early hours… so you’ll never go hungry or need to go food shopping ever again. Perfect.

The Culinary King/Queen

The exact opposite of the takeaway king or queen.The culinary king or queen is already a wizz in the kitchen. Whether they’re cooking meals for themselves (and instagramming the results) or cooking for the whole flat (and instagramming the results), meal prep is vital for these kitchen divas.Watch out; they’ll stand over you as you’re making your own meal, offering advice and critiquing your efforts. After all, they know they can do better!

The Jock

The jock loves banter. They live for banter. They are banter. When they’re not playing on a university sports team, they’ll be proudly wearing their team hoodie or t-shirt. What do jocks like? Well, they’ll either be talking about how great their last sports-team performance was, or be planning their next night out with the lads. Jocks are simple souls and are like marmite. Why? Because you either love them (because you are one or fancy one) or you choose to steer well clear!

The Cheerleader

Who’s that stood next to the jock? That’s right: it’s the cheerleader. Cheerleaders gravitate towards jocks. It’s natural. David Attenborough could do a whole series on it. You’ll wonder how the cheerleader has time to do their coursework and sit exams, when it seems like they’re only ever gossiping about who they’re texting or just sending snapchats to the girls.

The Recluse

You’re sure you live with this person but you’ve not seen them for weeks. The recluse doesn’t answer their door. When they do? You’ll find they’ve been sitting in the dark playing online or binge-watching movies. What’s their name again?

The Small-Town Kid

The small-town kid is a small fish in a MASSIVE pond. Their accent is the big giveaway that they’re not from the big city. They spend their time telling you about their parents’ farm, which is near (not even in) a village you’ve never heard of. Their innocence makes them fun to be around and they quickly find their feet as they get used to life in the big city.

The Mature Fresher

Fresh from travelling around Southeast Asia, working a proper job, or getting some real-life experience, the mature fresher is one step ahead of students who’ve just completed their A-Levels.The mature fresher already knows the city. They have friends there already and are good people to know. That’s if you ever see them. Why won’t you see them? Well, they’ll be in bars you’ve never heard of. They’ll also be unlikely to want to spend time with freshers right out of college!

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