Why rebook your room with us?

Jan 22, 2021

Be secure in the knowledge that your accommodation for the next academic year is sorted in advance, and take advantage of our rate freezes.

University life can be stressful. Between exams, attending lectures and trying to find the balance between studying and socialising, sorting your student accommodation for the next academic year is sometimes understandably the last thing on your mind.

This is where rebooking your current room can come in handy. Getting your accommodation arranged in advance means you don’t have to worry about rent or bills, leaving you to focus on the most important parts of student life.

We know things haven’t been easy over the last year, and worrying about where to live, how much it will cost, and getting things arranged can be overwhelming. By rebooking your room, you’ll be safe in the knowledge that everything is in hand with an expert team to look after you.

Not only will you be guaranteed your room for the next academic year, you’ll also benefit from a rent freeze. So, for the entire time you stay with us, you’ll pay the same rates for your rent and bills that you did when you first moved in with us. So that’s one less thing on your mind!

Why rebook with us?

Not only will you benefit from the guaranteed rate freeze you’ll also have access to the following:

Fully furnished - Your space is equipped with furniture and kitted out to a high standard, so no need to purchase expensive cupboards or mattresses.

All bills included - There won’t be any unexpected payments at the end of the month, all your bills are inclusive to the cost of your rent.

High-speed broadband - Whether you have a big assignment due, or have a family Zoom quiz, you’ll have all the megabytes you need.

Fully managed - We’ll handle all the day to day maintenance, from general cleaning, problem solving and repairs. Just let us know.

Prime location - Whether you’re studying in Salford or Dundee, you’ll be right in the thick of the action.

Still unsure why you should rebook?

Let one of our residents explain what makes living in our accommodation the place for you to live your best student life!

Rebook today

Our friendly team is on hand to assist with any queries you may have about your rebooking, from how we’re making your accommodation COVID-19 secure to general questions about your living space for the next academic year. Get in touch today or rebook your room with us.

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