What to Expect from the Uni-Student Lifestyle

Mar 29, 2019

Are you getting ready for university? ? Find out what’s in store before you take the next step in your academic career and learn all about your soon-to-be student lifestyle.

You’ve done it: you’ve got through your A-levels – congrats! Now, are you ready for the next step? Time to prepare because going to uni is one of the most exciting experiences you’ll ever have. They say these are the best years of your life, where you’ll meet your best friends, and create everlasting memories. And, guess what? Whoever “they” are, they’re right!There’s always a lot of questions around the infamous student lifestyle, so besides the ordinary FAQs (you can read them here), we’ve put together some of the top things you can expect from your time at university.

  1. Freshers’ Week

Now, this is the big one when you first start university. Get your club night wristbands and pre-drinks stocked, because Freshers’ isn’t for the faint hearted. It’s the perfect opportunity to get to know the new city you’re living in and to explore the nightlife. You’ll be surrounded by heaps of new people and Freshers’ is the perfect way to get to know them.Besides the nightlife to Freshers’, you’ll also have the chance to scope out your new campus and get to know what’s happening around your university. Make sure you take a big bag to your Freshers’ Fair because you’ll be coming away from it with lots of goodies. Oh, and there’s always free food (usually pizza ??), so it’s always worth popping by.The most important part to Freshers’ week is having the time to meet new people who are all in the same new-to-uni boat as you. So, grab it by the jägerbomb and make the most of your first year at university. Top Tip: Make sure you stock up on paracetamol to avoid the dreaded Freshers’ Flu!

  1. Your Fellow Students

You’re going to meet people from all walks of life, from all corners of the globe, and many different personalities. From the party animal who’s out every night to the neat-freak who’s probably cleaning whilst the house party is still happening. Take a look at the different types of students you’re going to meet and see which one you think you’ll be.   The most inevitable topic that’s going to crop up when you meet new people is the different meanings of words – barm or roll? Who knows, but you’ll certainly have the discussion multiple times with your fellow student friends.Top Tip: Everyone is nervous about meeting new people, so don’t worry about making the first move.

  1. Courses

The main reason you’ve decided to go to university is to get your degree, right? There’s a stereotype of students being lazy and lack lustre when it comes to doing work, but it’s important to get rid of that expectation because you will be doing work.It’s important you’re able to balance your student lifestyle with your uni work and understand the different learning styles that come with university. Independent study is key on many courses and you will often find yourself in the library more than your classroom. Collaborative working also plays a huge role within your studies – group work and meshing well with your coursemates is essential to get you that grade that you want.  Top Tip: Create a group chat with your coursemates to stay updated on all things work related.

  1. Societies and Clubs

Time to get your hobbies out in the open because at university there’s a society or club for practically everything and anything you can imagine – think extreme ironing society or even custard wrestling, take your pick!Sport teams play a huge part in the social side of university life. Whether you want to play football, rugby, or try out your rhythmic side with a bit of pole dancing – your club of choice will quickly become like your family away from home. Expect plenty of nights out and activities with your society, and word of warning; your new friends will definitely be putting those embarrassing photos on Facebook and Instagram. Top Tip: Always say yes to buying your society or club’s branded hoody.

  1. The Nightlife

£1 pints and 50p shots?! Welcome to the exhilarating student night out experience. Forget about going out on weekends because student nights are midweek and your student budget definitely wouldn’t be able to cover town’s Saturday night prices. Expect to come back from uni to find your housemates already pre-drinking and you’ll have approximately 10 minutes to get ready for the night. Whichever student city you’re in there’s always something to do, so you’ll never be lost for a plan. Top Tip: Find out which city to study in and make sure it suits your hobbies and lifestyle.    

  1. The Student Way

For many this will be your first time living away from home, so expect to be phoning home a lot to ask how to work the washing machine or to find out how long pasta takes to cook. As a student you’ll be given student discounts left, right, and centre, so make sure you take advantage. Budgeting your money is essential when you’re at university to help keep on top of your finances, and ensure you have enough pennies in the bank to buy an extra round, we mean pay rent… Top Tip: Bulk buy your food shopping to save money.

  1. Accommodation

Now to the big one! Where will you be living whilst at uni? There are various options when it comes to your student accommodation; university halls, private halls, and shared student housing. It’s always good to do a little bit of research into your potential living arrangements, so you know exactly what to expect when you move in.Do you want to share with other students and get to know new people or would you like your own space? Are you more concerned over location or the decor of your room? Definitely have a little look around to make sure you find the right room for you.Top Tip: Speak to other students at your chosen university to find out about their experiences. Is this what you expected from the student lifestyle? Every uni experience is different and we can’t wait to hear about yours. Make sure you let us know on Instagram and @ us with any funny or super-cool memories that you’re guaranteed to make. If you need any help with anything university related, pop on over to our website, scroll down to the bottom, and drop us a message.

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