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How to find Student Jobs in Dundee

Jul 11, 2021

Searching for a student job in Dundee? Use our guide to help you improve your CV and secure the role you want

Being a student is often the most exciting time in life, but this can mean your finances can take a hit. One of the ways to combat this is by getting a part-time job while you study. 

Not only will it give you more cash for socialising, but getting a job while at university will also look great on your CV.

While student loans are helpful, on average, students experience a shortfall of over £200 each month, so getting a job can help top you up when your maintenance loan falls short.

As many as three-quarters of students are in some form of employment while studying, and many benefit from the regular, reliable income that comes from having a job. 

However, the job market is competitive, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic, so you’ll need to stand out from the crowd to secure the job you want.

Luckily for you, we’ve put together a helpful guide to show you how to find student jobs in Dundee so you’ll be off to a flying start.

Tips for getting a student job

Searching for a student job in Dundee can be time-consuming, and the process from application to employment can be lengthier than you think.

Start applying early 

When searching for a job it’s best to get started as early as possible. Applications and interviews can take a while, so get ahead of the curve by starting your job hunt during the summer to avoid the Fresher’s week rush.

Check your details, then check them again

You might not have secured your student accommodation yet, but it’s important to ensure your contact information is up to date so potential employers can get in touch with you.

Write a great CV

Standing out from the crowd when applying for jobs starts with a great CV.

There are lots of CV templates on the internet which are a good starting point, and even if you don’t have much experience it’s important to follow their standard guidelines.

Try to adjust your CV slightly for each application too. For example, if a job is looking for customer service skills, make sure your CV clearly displays examples of these qualities.

Undertake extracurricular activities

Speaking of experience, having a few examples on your CV can make it much easier to secure a student job in Dundee. 

There are loads of things you can do while at uni to improve your application. Try volunteering, joining a society or even starting a blog can catch the eye of a potential employer. 

Where to look for a part-time job

Now you’ve nailed your CV, it’s time to start looking for your perfect student job in Dundee.

Many job sites are geared towards full time jobs but you can filter the site depending on what you’re looking for, and even include a preference to work from home.

Use job search tools

The internet can seem like a minefield when on the hunt for a job, but the best places are often dedicated job sites such as Indeed, or CV-Library.

Also, if there’s a company you’d like to work for, regularly check their website or join our team page for vacancies, and sign up for job alerts where available so you’ll be notified when positions pop up close by.

Try social media

Take a break from scrolling TikTok makeup tutorials for a bit to help with your job search.

Check out a business’ socials for vacancies as many companies use their Twitter and Facebook pages to advertise. 

Dundee Uni job fairs


There are normally several job fairs throughout the year, and while they may have more recently been over Zoom, you still have the chance to meet employers directly.

While these fairs are geared more towards post-grad life, they can still come in handy when searching for a part-time job. Recruiters often attend, swapping email addresses with them can stand you in good stead for a student job in the meantime. 

What types of student jobs are there in Dundee?

It can be helpful to narrow down your options to a few industries when looking for a part-time job, as they are often more likely to suit student lifestyles.


Aside from the staff discount you’ll likely receive from the store you work in, there are loads of other benefits to a retail position.

A retail role could be anything from working in Tesco to a Saturday job in a clothes store. Wherever it is, expect to work on the tills, stocking shelves and offering great customer service. 

Retail can be a great way to get your foot in the door of employment, but the hours can be inconsistent and you’ll most likely end up working over the weekend or in the summer holidays.


The service industry can be a good option for a student job in Dundee, as the hours are flexible and you’ll often get tips on top of your standard wage.

Jobs include being a barista in a coffee shop, waiting on in a restaurant or even a role in your local fast-food restaurant. 

Your duties will vary depending on the job but it’ll often include taking orders, waiting tables, cooking or washing dishes.

These types of jobs are popular with students, so can be competitive when applying.

Working in a bar or nightclub

Working behind a bar is a social position, but you can also find work collecting glasses,  cleaning or monitoring a cloakroom.

With plenty of bars and restaurants in Dundee, there’s lots of potential work to be found. 

Bar work is likely to bring late nights and the probability of dealing with drunk customers, so be prepared for that if you apply for this type of work.

Should you get a student job while at university?

Before accepting a job offer, it’s important to weigh up whether a job is right for you at the moment.

Firstly, work out why you want the job. Is it to earn extra money or will the work experience benefit your CV for future applications?

A student job can also help you to make new friends, develop confidence and better prepare you for post-graduate life. 

However, make sure you can balance studying with your part-time job. It can be a good idea to sit down and work out how much time you have to commit to a student job. 

Try to calculate your travel costs too, if your job requires you to work late, you may need to use taxis or buses to get home.

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