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Summer Jobs that will boost your career after university

Aug 7, 2019

Employment Rate is the highest it’s been since records began with 76% of 16-64 year olds in employment. The number of opportunities are also increasing over time.

Employment Rate is the highest it’s been since records began with 76% of 16-64 year olds in employment. The number of opportunities are also increasing over time. It’s now more important than ever to do as much as you can to make sure you stand out as a prime candidate for your first graduate job.Getting a summer job in the area you are planning to go in to is the best way to do this, although we know this isn’t always realistic. We have put together a few tips to help you on your way:

Gain Experience

Working in a sector you’re interested in is one of the best ways of gaining that vital experience that will set you apart from others. It’ll show recruiters that you have an active interest in that area.Do you know what strengths you need to progress your career development, are you able to gain transferable skills from a job? Stacking shelves may sound mundane and boring but it provides you with a skillset you might not initially think of. Stock management, communication, organisation skills and customer service are a few skills that you may be able to apply to you career.


Volunteering is an easier way to gain more relevant experience to the area you’re thinking about going in to. Approach a business you like with a Cover Letter and ask if they would be interested in taking on Volunteers. Putting yourself in front of potential employers will demonstrate your willingness to take on extra responsibilities and will give you a chance to prove your work ethic.


Build relationships with as many people as you can as they might prove useful in the future. Make sure to keep things friendly with the people you meet, you never know when you’ll bump into them next.Join uni societies as they have leadership roles within them that show employers commitment and qualities that they might be looking for. You’ll also build great contacts for later down the line.Create a LinkedIn Account and treat it like a professional social media account. It’s great for getting industry updates, keeping you connected with businesses and industry professionals, and searching for roles you may be interested in.


If you’re lucky enough you might be able to find a 3 month Internship that will provide you with invaluable experience and show employers you are capable to perform at a high level. There are plenty of websites that display intern only job advertisements, you could also approach a business with a speculative email.

Learn New Skills

Unique skills make you stand out to an employer. Think second languages, technical or a specialist knowledge that other candidates might not have, as these will immediately put your CV at the top of the list.Your university will have a career advice service, so make sure you take advantage of all the free offerings to you. They’ll be able to provide you with a range of things including CV reviews and Job Boards.Our blogs are full of useful information for students, read them here.

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