Published August 30, 2019

Study Hacks to help you get ahead in your first year at Uni

Study Hacks to help you get ahead in your first year at Uni

Struggling to get your study on? These nifty hacks will help your brain soak up your study notes and exercise your exam muscles. 

1. Go old school to win school

Use a pen and paper. Writing things by hand helps facts stick in your mind.

2. Read out your notes

According to research, you’re 2x as likely to remember facts and other study notes if you read them out loud. So warm up your vocal cords and get talking. You might feel a little silly at first, but it’ll really help all those important bits sink in. Trust us, you’ll thank us when exam period comes round!

3. Drink!

Not that kind of drink, drink water! A study found drinking 330ml of water can boost your focus by up to 25%.

4. Want a sound understanding of your subject? 

Record your lecture notes and listen to them when you’re out and about. 

5. The font of knowledge

Swapping easy-to-read fonts like Arial or something more like Pacifico will force your mind to concentrate, which helps you retain the information.

6. Eat Breakfast

Missing the most important meal of the day has been shown to seriously affect your ability to concentrate. 

7. Put the Phone Away

Social media has got to be one of the most distracting things these days, switch on aeroplane mode or hide your phone in another room while you’re studying.

8. Get a bit of fresh air

Go for a walk or run outside. It’s been scientifically proven that exercise is great for getting the brain working and improving study performance.

9. Visual Learner?

Draw your notes, turn your theory in to flow charts, diagrams or illustrations. When you go to remember what you’ve learned you’ll be able to visualise it much clearer.

10. Give your brain a break

Regular breaks help your brain absorb and digest information better! They also let you concentrate for longer. Sleeping is key to taking in all the information, you won’t be able to focus if you’re constantly tired.

Looking for more uni tips and advice? Keep an eye on our blog throughout your studies  to learn more hacks and ways to stay ahead.

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