Published September 30, 2019

How to stay focused at University

How to stay focused at University

We know it can be hard to stay focused with all the distractions going on at uni. So we’ve pulled together a short list of the best ways to stay focused this year. From making a study timetable to getting more exercise, discover the tips that can work wonders for you.


Set Goals

Start small, aim big. Pull your year plan apart and organise it into small achievable goals. Before you know it you’ll have completed all your assignments with plenty of time to go out with friends.


Make a study timetable

And stick to it, change all your deadlines to a week before they’re set. You’ll be able to focus on your work and manage your time better. You’ll also have an extra week to proof read.


Take a break

Working non stop isn’t fun, nor is it or productive for your brain. It’s good to take a break. It’ll keep you on your toes and you’ll be energised when you come back to finish your work.


Split up your workload

Set a target number of hours to study a week. Rather than planning a solid 10 hour session, break it up into a couple of hours a day for one piece of work. Not only will every point be more concise you’ll also have time to proof the previous paragraph. Saving you time at the end of your assignment.


It’s ok to say no

We know going out is one of the key things to student life, but when it comes to sacrificing your results you need to learn when to say no. Set aside time with friends during stressful times, they’ll understand they’re probably thinking the same too. Plus, there’s nothing like celebrating submission days together.


Find a suitable environment

Don’t try to work in a place where you’re going to get distracted easily. Some like it busy, some like it so quiet that you can only hear a pin drop. Whatever works for you make sure you’re comfortable in your setting otherwise it’ll have a knock on effect on your work.




Research shows that regular exercise doesn’t just benefit the body, but the brain too. Increasing the blood flow to the brain is one of the best ways to increase your focus.


We recently wrote some study hacks to get you ahead of the curve at University, let us know how they’ve worked for you.

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