Published January 31, 2020

What is student life like in Dundee?

What is student life like in Dundee?

In their own words – What is student life like in Dundee?

The Scottish coastal city, once known for traditional industry, is now renowned for its contributions to design and digital entertainment. But what is it like for students to live in?

A wide variety of food and drink

For such a small city, Dundee has a wide range of great places to eat and drink. Of course, it has its own branch of Scottish-born beer brand Brewdog, a selection of over 50 gins at Bruach and a selection of over 50 burgers at Tonic.

There’s also music and drink deals throughout the week at the Cask and Cork and at Nicoll’s. There are also some unique venues like Bridgeview Station Restaurant and craft beer bar The Braes.

A pretty cool city for culture

While it is literally cool (it’s that sea air!), Dundee was also once named ‘Coolest Little City In Britain’ by GQ magazine. It’s not one of the biggest cities, but it has made its impact in terms of culture.

It is famous for being the home to the famous comics The Beano and The Dandy, which means you spot statues of classic characters across the city.

Particularly, it is also well known for being the city where infamous video-games developer Rockstar Games was originally founded, and the city is now home to many other game development studios.

In their own words – What is The Old Mill like?

We also spoke to several students about living at The Old Mill in Dundee, so you can find out in their own words.

“The location is student friendly and in the heart of the city”

We’re not lying when we say that you can live in the heart of the city. If you walk in any direction, you will only be minutes away from a good pub, a shop or a place to eat.

The Old Mill is less than 10-min walk from both the University of Dundee and Abertay University campuses.

You are also only a 10-min walk from Dudhope Park and only 15-min walk from Dundee railway station, making it very handy for meeting friends and family.

“It’s very nice, you can go to meetups, join the Whatsapp group or just catch people in the common room”

Compared with larger student cities in Scotland, like Edinburgh or Glasgow, Dundee has a smaller student population (but still over 20,000).

This is why we do our best to give your student home, The Old Mill, a community feel and offer you multiple chances to meet new people.

“It’s different to other student places. You have the option to share with less people”

We do try our best to offer comfort for all kinds of students, which is why we offer different ranges of flat size. So, if you’re more on the introverted side you may prefer a room in a smaller bed flat or even one to yourself.

We can’t always guarantee you the exact place you want, which is why it’s always best to book in nice and early to increase your chances.

Student Accommodation in Dundee

Could The Old Mill be your new student home? Find out more about our comfortable living studio apartments for students in Dundee.

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