Published February 24, 2020

The Ultimate Open Day Guide – How to make the most out of your day

As the saying goes, you only have one chance to make a first impression. But this goes both ways – your university also needs to make a good impression on you. The first time most people check out their university choices is on an open day. 

Open days are an exciting opportunity to explore what your new life will be like as a student, but at the same time, it can be a little overwhelming. So, to help you get the most out of your day, we’ve drawn up a little guide for you…

Check out a map before you go

Some university campuses are bigger than others, and there’s a few that are even spread out throughout the city. So plan your day ahead of arriving. It’ll help you make more of your time there, and see everything you want.

A lot of universities send out a map of their campus beforehand. But, even if they don’t you can find one on their website.

Give yourself plenty of time

On their open days, universities organise plenty of campus tours, accommodation tours and talks about courses. It can be quite exciting to try and go to every talk and tour, but don’t try and overload yourself (and whoever is coming with you!)

Give yourself time to get to and from places. Take in the atmosphere. Talk to people, and ask students or staff questions.

Remember, even if you miss a tour or a talk, it’s not the end of the world. There are other ways to learn about the university like checking out their social media, or when you go back for an interview day.

Get there early (if you can)

Many people set off early or even the day before to go to open days. Exploring a new university can be tiring, and often people find they run out of time. So try to get there with time to spare, and you’ll enjoy the day much more. 

Get a little lost and explore the area

As well as checking out the university, you may want to give yourself time to explore the city, after all it could be your new home!  Give yourself a little time to get lost. What is it like to live in the city? Are there plenty of places to go to? Does it feel busy and inspiring?

What to expect at each uni in Manchester and Dundee?

At Futureworks, Manchester:

Prepare for interactive tours of the amazing facilities at this high-tech campus, just minutes away from Salford Central station.


At the University of Salford:

You can easily check out Salford Uni’s two riverside campuses on the same day. In fact, they’ve prepared a self-guided campus tour map for you to download.


At Manchester Metropolitan University:

From students greeting you at the train station to a free shuttle bus, Manchester Met do whatever they can to look after you on your open day.

At the University of Manchester:

As one of the oldest universities in the UK, you should make sure you make enough time for everything as you may be a little distracted by the stunning architecture. 

At the University of Dundee:

The self-contained campus at Dundee University has a real community feel that is worth experiencing for yourself. They also hold separate open days for nursing, dentistry and medicine. 

At Abertay University:

Known for its reputation for technology and design, this modern campus welcomes visitors on open days with short 20-30 min tours meaning you get plenty of time to explore.

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