Published August 14, 2019

Make the most of your summer holidays after a year at Uni

Make the most of your summer holidays after a year at Uni

A year studying at University is enough to stress anyone out, the mind and the body need to switch off in preparation for the next one. Here’s a couple of ideas to get ready for next year.


Go on holiday

Budget airlines have made Europe so accessible, book your flight in advance and worry about accommodation later. You can always find reasonably priced, clean hostels in most major cities. They are a great way to get unknown tips from locals and meet people from different backgrounds.


Spa day

What better way to relax than a spa day, treat yourself to afternoon tea  and make a day of it. Switch off and immerse yourself in the relaxation the spa has to offer or go a step further and book a couple of treatments to fully unwind.


Study abroad

Whilst this might not be the most relaxing for you it’s a great way to experience new things and gain experience from a different university. Most universities have summer programs that allow you to study at their institute, speak to your university to see if they have a sister uni abroad.


Go to a festival or 6

The big ones are enticing enough with their jam packed headliners, but the smaller festivals are continuing to grow. Keep an eye out for the smaller ones, they tend to be reasonably priced and can draw some fairly surprisingly big names too.


Pick up a new hobby

Switch off from the stress of Uni life and learn a completely new skill. Create a piece of furniture with woodworking courses, learn a new language to practice  on holiday or impress your new flatmates with new found cooking skills.


Volunteer abroad

Always wanted to give a bit back to the world? Universities often partner with charity programs and getting involved is a great way to get stuck in with projects that help people who need it most. You’ll get to see a country you might never have thought you’d travel to, or take on a real challenge and learn new skills that’ll look great on your CV.


Go to the Gym

There’s nothing better than getting you thinking clearer than going to the gym. Regular exercise increases the blood flow to the brain making it perform better meaning your mental health, memory and thinking skills all benefit.


Spend time with your family

Most people come home and want to meet up with their friends from college. Make a little time to treat your parents and grandparents – they’ve probably missed you. Family time can be tiring but it can also be the best, why not organise a big get together, plan a holiday or just a regular catch up, your family will appreciate the effort.


Work abroad

Another great way to learn new cultures and gain new experiences is by working abroad. In Europe for example, families need au pairs from all backgrounds, and they usually pay you as well as providing you with accommodation and food. Camp America is an option a lot of students opt for,  offering a range of positions from maintenance to swimming teacher.


Still stressing about where to live? We’re here to make your life easier, talk to us to find out more about our residencies and where you could be living next year.

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