Published February 10, 2020

Inspiring ideas to help you choose a degree

Don’t you hate it when people ask “What are you going to study?” 

If you do, it’s probably a sign you need some inspiration. Sometimes it’s useful to think deeply about your interests and skills, and then go from there. 

Fortunately, we’ve come up with some inspiring examples to get you started.

Are you…

...numerically minded?

If you’re naturally gifted at maths, then we have two things to say. 

Firstly, well done! It’s a subject that some of us really struggle to understand. 

Secondly, you have more options than a maths degree (although maths offers some great career options). 

At Manchester University’s Faculty of Science and Engineering, they offer a wide range of courses that will make great use of your mathematical skills. From Aerospace and Civil Engineering to Computer Science, you have a wide range of options. You can also consider a financially-secure career by taking a financially-focused subject. The Manchester Metropolitan Business School offers a wide range of degrees in finance, accounting, banking and economics. They are also accredited too meaning you have a strong professional career ahead of you.

...artistically inclined?

Whether your skills are in drawing or making Youtube videos, you have a wide range of options as a creative person. 

In Salford, Futureworks offers industry standard education that can prepare you to work in sound, film, games, visual effects and animation.

Or in Dundee, home to some of the UK’s most prolific video games studios, you can learn how to design video games at Abertay University

If you are brave enough to go on the stage you could even try theatre and performance.

...a wizard with words?

If you are more interested in language and how it is used, there are plenty of options if an English degree doesn’t sound right for you. 

You could dedicate yourself to the craft of creative writing, or even journalism, which are both great degrees available at the University of Manchester.

Or maybe you’re skilled in learning new languages and communicating with other cultures?  There are modern language schools in both Manchester and Dundee.  

Or maybe you are more interested in the persuasive power of words? Then your calling could be in marketing or psychology.

...analytical and technical?

If you are good at dismantling and rebuilding physical objects, then one of the many disciplines in engineering could work for you. The University of Dundee, covers a wide range of engineering and manufacturing courses from civil engineering to chemical engineering. 

If you are a dab hand at coding and computer programming, then a degree in computer science would obviously make sense.  

But maybe your analytical mindset is more theoretical? If so, you have a wide range of options in the varied world of social sciences. Studying a degree in law, psychology, politics or even business studies, will fascinate you and lead to a wide variety of careers.

...interested in more than one thing?

If you are interested in a bit of all sorts, then remember this one thing. 

Whatever degree you study does not completely define who you are or what you will do with your life. 

You can study one thing, but also join a student society focused on another subject. Or you could get some work experience, a part-time job or do some volunteering in a different area. 


Whatever you do, the important thing to remember is that you always have options. Good luck!

The way you want it

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