Published August 6, 2020

How to relax and recharge during a socially distanced summer break

In so many ways, this has been an unprecedented year. But one thing that hasn’t changed – thankfully – is the summer break. Whether you’re currently between A levels and uni, or you’re waiting to come back for another year, it’s important to use the time to relax and recharge. Here are five top tips to follow during your summer break. 

Stick to local guidance 

We’re thankfully out of nationwide lockdown, but due to the way coronavirus infections are spiking in certain parts of the country, local authorities have had to impose their own restrictions. At the end of July, the whole of Greater Manchester – which is home to the University of Salford and our student accommodation at Bramall Court – was placed under tighter measures, such as people from two households not being permitted to meet indoors. If you’re still at home or you’re moving to a new part of the country, make sure to check what the local rules are, so that you don’t accidentally endanger yourself or others. 

Enjoy the great outdoors 

Spending time indoors with friends presents a greater risk of picking up coronavirus – and is banned temporarily in some parts of the country – so this is the perfect summer to get out and enjoy all the green space and fresh air the UK has to offer, rain or shine. Most municipal and country parks are back open for business, so why not round up a bunch of friends and go for a nice walk, or socially distanced picnic? Even places as seemingly urban as Salford have plenty of green space on offer – the city was actually voted the greenest place to live in the UK, by the Centre for Thriving Places, thanks to its parks, low CO2 emissions and commitment to recycling. Check Google Maps to find the nearest parks in your area. 

Take regular exercise 

It might seem strange for a post about relaxing and recharging to contain this piece of advice, but don’t forget the huge health benefits that come with exercise, not all of which are physical. It’s been shown that working out even for relatively short periods of time on a regular basis can release endorphins which help lift your mood – something we could all benefit from this year. Exercise also helps regulate other areas of your health such as sleep and energy levels. So while it may seem tempting to do as little as possible this summer, getting out and about when you can really provide a boost. 

Book in some study prep

Again, it might seem funny for a blog about relaxing to include a tip related to work, but you should know that even a few hours of study each month will have a big effect on your stress levels. Why? It’s all how mentally prepared you are for next year: the topics you will study, the course materials you will be working from, and even how you will be taught (click here for more info on how that might be different next year). Our brains really don’t like going into unknown situations, or being overloaded, so by doing a bit of light work during the summer, you’re actually helping your brain to stay calm and process information. So not only will you not be as overwhelmed when term starts, you’ll actually be able to enjoy your summer more. 

Remember to actually relax 

Between social life, study and exercise, it can be easy to forget the importance of actually just doing nothing – especially if you’ve also got a job on top of all that. Make sure to schedule some ‘you time’ at least once a week, to help your batteries recharge. You could be binging on Netflix, checking out TikTok or just messaging mates – whatever helps you switch off. And if you want to enjoy relaxation even more, look into something like mindfulness or beginners’ yoga, which can take you to a whole new level of chilled. 

If you haven’t yet booked your accommodation for next year, our flexible options for 20/21 are designed to give you peace of mind and help you relax this summer, safe in the knowledge that there are ways we can support you if things change. Check our Book With Confidence page for more information.

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