Published August 19, 2020

University of Salford to accept teacher grades

The University of Salford has confirmed it will accept teacher assessed grades, mock results or grades awarded by examination bodies when it comes to making offers to students. 


“We recognise the work you’ve put into your studies, and also the challenges and uncertainty you’re facing now,” the university said on its website, “so we’ll make you an offer based on a range of assessments.” 


The news comes as a relief to students who have been affected by the A level results scandal in England and Wales, in which thousands of test results were downgraded by what many have called a “biased” computer algorithm. 


Ministers were forced into a u-turn after exams regulator Ofqual revealed that almost 40% of A level grades predicted by teachers had been downgraded by the algorithm. The move mirrors steps taken by the Scottish government, who backed down after more than 124,000 test results were downgraded.


Can I still go to university with my grades?


The announcement from Salford will be a relief to those who had applied to the university before having their results downgraded, as it now means the better marks predicted by teachers can be used as the basis of their offer. 


The government has removed the temporary restrictions on student recruitment numbers (brought in because of the Covid-19 pandemic) and asked for flexibility from academic institutions. But not every university is taking the approach of Salford – dozens are honouring original offers but still asking students to defer their entry until next year, forcing some people into taking a gap year they didn’t want. 


If you have applied to study at Salford and you are unsure about your grades, status, or if you have any other questions, get in touch with the university. “There are more options than you might think, and our experienced team are ready to guide you through,” said the uni, urging students not to put their future on hold. 


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