Published April 14, 2020

Studying in Dundee: How Do Costs Compare?

The average cost of student living in Dundee

The University of Dundee not only ranks well academically, with the institution home to many world leading courses and lots of innovative research, Dundee itself is often listed amongst the best value places in the UK to live. 

If looking to study either physiology, law, dentistry or social work, Dundee should be high on your list. 

Then, when you consider Dundee itself was revealed as the cheapest city in the UK for single people to live, moving to this cultural hotbed on the banks of the stunning River Tay might just be for you. 

That’s why the University of Dundee, which is consistently ranked amongst the best UK universities by THE, is home to around 18,000 students and 2,500 staff from roughly 72 counties around the globe.

The Price of Rent

Let’s quickly look at the facts: private rentals in Dundee cost around 45% less than rentals in Edinburgh and 20% less than the Scottish national average, according to the Citylets Rental Report Q4, 2018

Tossing up between moving to London or Dundee to study? This may (or may not) surprise you — rental prices in Dundee are 67% lower than in London, according to the latest data from Numbeo. 

We know that rentals in Dundee — the location of our Old Mill residence — are much cheaper than other cities in Scotland and across the UK, but let’s look at how living costs stack up in the City of Discovery. 

How Does Cost of Living Compare?

According to Which? Student Budget Calculator students studying at the University of Dundee can expect to pay the following each month for costs such as water water and energy, mobile phone, transport and food shopping.

If you like letting your hair down we’ve also looked at the cost of alcohol, cigarettes and hobbies. 

Item  Monthly Cost at University in Dundee  Average Monthly cost at UK universities 
Accommodation £95 (Six bedroom flat at Old Mill) per week (£4,750 a year) £130 per week (£6,500 a year)
Water and Energy £0 (costs included in student accommodation fees at Mears Student Life)  £46
Mobile Phone and Internet £27 £27
Transport  £79 £80
Food Shopping  £73 £74
Takeaways and Snacks  £25 £26
Coffee and Tea  £6 £6
Cigarettes and Alcohol  £15 £15
Interests and Hobbies  £46 £46
Clothing £42 £42
Personal Care £12 £12
Holidays and Flights  £89 £89
Bank Charges and Fees  £30 £30
Other Expenses  £21 £21
Total Costs: £465 (exc. accommodation) £514 (exc. accommodation)

As you can see the average costs at university in Dundee are slightly lower than the rest of the country, with savings for all essential items adding up to £565.38 over a 50-week tenancy period (£49 per month). And that’s not including the saving you’d make on your accommodation! 

The biggest savings come with water and energy, with full-time students able to opt out of paying Council Tax, which water bills fall under, if they are living and studying at Scottish university. 

Because the Old Mill is situated close to the University of Dundee campus you might even find yourself paying less on your transport costs, especially if you can travel there on foot or by bike. 

With savings like this students in Dundee have more expendable income to spend on the things they enjoy — whether that’s making the most of the region’s array of outdoor activities or nightlife scene. 

Student Accommodation in Dundee

Could the Old Mill be your home away from home? Find out more about our comfortable living apartments for students in Dundee.

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