What is student life like in Salford?

Jan 31, 2020

The best way to find out about student life in Salford is to hear what some of the students who live there have to say.

In their own words - What is student life like in Salford?

Mainly known for its industrial history, there is actually more to Salford than meets the eye and more to discover when you come as a student.

Experience the sights while travelling to uni

Bramall Court is only a mile walk to the University of Salford, with a view of the River Irwell and a walk through Peel Park.It’s also only a 30-min commute to get to the University of Manchester or Manchester Metropolitan University, which gives you a chance to explore Salford’s neighbouring city.

A home to creative culture

Salford is obviously renowned for being the home to MediaCity as a hub for the BBC, ITV and other exciting media businesses. But, this area of town also has a wide range of places to eat and drink and is well known for its shopping centre The Lowry Outlet.Salford is also home to some interesting art spaces, obviously there is the Salford Museum and Art gallery which is absolutely free, Islington Mill and the Salford Arts Theatre.

Nights that you will never forget

If you don’t want to leave Salford for a great night out, then you don’t have to: you’ll find plenty of stylish bars on Chapel Street and proper nights out at The White Hotel (and don’t be mistaken, it is an actual night club!)There is always plenty of music on at The Eagle Inn and at the Kings Arms, plus quiz nights and comedy nights.

In their own words - What is Bramall Court like?

We also spoke to several students about living at Bramall Court in Salford, so you can find out in their own words.

“It’s a really nice and relaxed atmosphere”

Going to university is an exciting time, a chance to discover yourself and make new friends.And there are many ways to meet new people - on your course, at a society and even in your accommodation.At Bramall Court we do our best to create a friendly, community atmosphere. There is always a chance to meet new people in the common areas, maybe even play a bit of pool.

“It’s so close to Manchester City Centre”

Greater Manchester is renowned for its excellent transport links, meaning that there are always regular buses and trains running through Salford and Manchester.Bramall Court is only a 15-min walk to Salford Central train station, a 20-min walk to Manchester Victoria and only a 25-min walk to Piccadilly Gardens.

“Sometimes there are free hot chocolates and social events”

We try our best to make your student accommodation more than just a roof above your head.This is why we organise community events in our common room and offer a few home comforts from time to time.

Student Accommodation in Salford

Could Bramall Court be your home away from home? Find out more about our comfortable living studio apartments for students in Salford.

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