Things to Do Within 5 Miles of our Salford Residence

Jun 2, 2018

When you’re living at our Salford student residence Bramall Court, there will be plenty for you to do. You'll be spoilt for choice with these picks!

When you choose your uni accommodation, you want there to be plenty for you to do in the area. Right on your doorstep, if possible. Fortunately, at our Salford residence (Bramall Court), that’s just what you get. Step out of your door, and you’ll be spoilt for choice.

From restaurants and bars to shopping hotspots and parks, there’s more than enough to fill those empty gaps between lectures. And, throwing aside any rivalry between Salford and Manchester, you’ll enjoy the best of both worlds living at Bramall Court.

Here’s what you’ve to choose from.

Salford Lads Club

From diehard Morrissey fans to casual music lovers, Salford Lads Club attracts all types. As a recreation centre for local boys from 1903 onwards, and later as the rehearsal space of The Smiths, the building is steeped in history. Its reference points range from the best Manchester bands to the cobbles of Coronation Street – in fact, Salford Lads Club is right at the heart of Manchester’s identity.

It’s also fiercely independent. Salford Lads Club still plays a vital role in the community, providing both young people and adults with spaces to play sports and indulge in a range of other team-building activities.

A shining beacon for everything indie, this should be first on everyone’s list of Salford landmarks.

The National Football Museum

Across the river and into central Manchester, you’ll find the National Football Museum. It contains the sport’s greatest triumphs (and a few of its tragedies, too). There you’ll find authentic memorabilia as well as a great little penalty shootout game.

It doesn’t really matter if you’re not a football fanatic, and it matters even less whether you support United or City: there’s something for everyone, and admission is free.

Go and take a look!

Peel Park

Just around the corner from our Bramall Court residence, Peel Park is up there with the best green spaces that Salford has to offer. It’s lush, spacious, and in summer it’s the go-to place to unwind.

So, when the sun does decide to show its face (this is the North West, remember), Peel Park is where you should head. It’s right at the heart of the student community, so it’s a great place to either revise or, if you need to, escape revision and academia altogether.

Salford Museum & Art Gallery

You don’t have to be an art student to appreciate Salford Museum & Art Gallery. Located on the Salford University main campus, nearby Peel Park and just a stone’s throw from Bramall Court, it tells the story of Salford and how it came to be an industrial superpower.

If you’re in the area, why not stop off at the Old Pint Pot, too?

The Old Pint Pot

When it comes to pubs, the Old Pint Pot has become a Salford institution. Known for its friendly mix of students, grads, and older types, the pub has one of the city’s best beer gardens, overlooking the River Irwell.

It also serves as a great gig venue, putting on bands and artists every week. Go and take a look; whether it’s your local or not, it’s sure to become one of your favourite drinking holes.


Back across the river now, to Manchester’s bustling Whitworth Street. There are loads of excellent places to eat and drink here, including the Refuge and the Thirsty Scholar around the corner. We’re here to talk about Gorilla, though.

Gorilla is one of the UK’s supreme music venues: it hosts the best in up-and-coming music of all genres, from grime and hip-hop to indie and folk. It has a gorgeous interior space around the front, too, where you can enjoy tasty food and an impressive selection of cocktails.

The Eagle Inn

Another Salford institution, the charming Victorian pub the Eagle Inn was born in 1903 and is now one of the city’s finest boozers. You can enjoy a few post-exam beers and even stay for a gig in their famously intimate live-music room.

So often the springboard for young bands on the gig circuit, you definitely need to see a show or two at the Eagle Inn. There is also a pleasing selection of ales, spirits, and wine on offer.

Islington Mill

Be at the centre of Manchester’s (and Salford’s) art scene at Islington Mill. It’s a hub for all things creative, regularly exhibiting photography work, putting on gigs, and providing workspaces for creative pursuits around the city.

It not only functions as an art gallery, a recording studio, and a publishing house, but also hosts around 50 residents! What’s more, it’s a gorgeous setting with a classic red-brick design and a fantastic beer garden.

What’s not to love?!

Everything you need at Bramall Court

Whether you’re a culture vulture or all you want is a nice green space to relax with friends, you’ll have access to all of the above within a mere five-mile radius.

Our Salford residence is at the heart of the city, with everything you could ever possibly need. Book your accommodation today by emailing us on – you can also fill out an enquiry form.

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