Published March 20, 2020

Studying in Salford: How Do Costs Compare? 

The average cost of student living in Salford

Salford consistently ranks as a more affordable place to live than surrounding areas, which is ideal because the ‘Second City’ is only a hop, skip and a jump from all that Manchester has to offer. 

With student residences in Salford to suit different requirements, residing with Mears Student Life is the smarter option — especially when comparing the price of rent and cost of living to the rest of the North West. 

The Price of Rent

Salford ranks below central Manchester and Trafford when it comes to the average rent costs for students, with monthly rental costs £100 cheaper in Salford than they are just across the River Irwell.

Research completed by the Manchester Evening News in 2018 revealed rental tenants could expect to pay £675 per month for accommodation in Salford, compared to £775 in both Manchester and nearby Trafford. 

The data also confirmed that the average monthly rent for the North West of England is £690, leaving students paying around £25 cheaper in Salford than if they chose to live in many of the region’s other student hubs.

Rental increases have also been slower in Salford compared to Manchester, with the increase in average cost of renting between the 2013-14 and 2017-18 academic years +18% (£103) in Salford compared to +30% (£180) in Manchester. 

How Does Cost of Living Compare?

We know that the average student accommodation rental prices in Salford — the location of our Bramall Court residence — are lower than elsewhere in the region, but how do costs compare for other additional costs? 

According to Which? Student Budget Calculator students studying at the University Salford can expect to pay the following each month for costs such as water water and energy, mobile phone, transport and food shopping. 


The column on the right-hand indicates the average cost of living at universities across the UK. 

Item  Cost at University of Salford  Average cost at UK universities 
Accommodation £90 (Standard Room at Bramall Court) per week (£4,450 a year) £130 per week (£6,500 a year)
Water and Energy £0 (costs usually included in student accommodation fees, which they are with Mears) £46
Mobile Phone and Internet £27 £27
Transport  £78 £80
Food Shopping  £72 £74
Takeaways and Snacks  £25 £26
Coffee and Tea  £6 £6
Cigarettes and Alcohol  £15 £15
Interests and Hobbies  £45 £46
Clothing £41 £42
Personal Care £12 £12
Holidays and Flights  £87 £89
Bank Charges and Fees  £30 £30
Other Expenses  £20 £21
Total Costs: £458 (exc. accommodation) £514 (exc. accommodation)


As you can see costs at the University of Salford are generally either the same or lower than the rest of the country, with savings for all essential items adding up to £646.15 over a 50 week tenancy period (£56 per month). And that’s not including the saving you’d make on your accommodation! 

With savings like this, students in Salford have more expendable income to spend on the things they enjoy most — whether that’s making the most of the region’s sports, nightlife or outdoors scenes. 

Student Accommodation in Salford

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