Published September 6, 2019

9 types of roommates you’ll come across when you start Uni

The different types of roommates you’ll come across when you start Uni

Looking forward to living in Student Halls this year? So you should be, you’ll meet loads of new people from different backgrounds and cultures, but with that comes a range of characters you’ll come across. Here’s 9 types of roommates you’re likely to meet this year:

1.)The Baker ??‍???‍?
Ok, you might not be bunking with Mary Berry but having a roommate that makes a good solid bake is a godsend. Who doesn’t love a cake anyway? You might even pick up a thing or two.

2.) The Leader
The person who always takes control of the situation, great for rounding up the troops on a night out.

3.) The Sleeper
You’re not going to see this roommate any time before 12pm, let’s face it. Some even sleep in until 5pm, maybe they’re night owls who knows ??‍♂️

4.) The Organiser
Great for parties, socials and all the activities. These guys have everyone turning up on time, the right amount of cups, and drinks and snacks ready for everyone.

5.) The one that’s society-obsessed
This roommate is great to be friends with. They’re in all the societies meaning you’ll have access to a wide range of social activities and parties without having to be a member! Great for building up a bigger social circle too.

6.) The Parent
Someone always takes it upon themselves to look after you when you’re down, hungover or drunk. You can pretty much guarantee they’ll have a first aid kit too. They’re great for having around if you ever have a minor meltdown whilst cooking, missing home or studying.

7.) The Studious one
Who actually goes to uni to learn? Surprisingly enough, a lot of people. The studious one will be writing assignments a year early, using reading week wisely and constantly wrapped up in their degree.

8.) The Clean freak
You’re always bound to bump into a clean freak somewhere in life. At uni, they’ll either clean the flat or complain about the flat being messy. It’s not their fault so why not help them out a bit with the tidying? You never know they might do a bit more than you’d expect ?.

9.) The Perfect One
Completely on your wavelength, easy to get along with and respects your privacy and space. This is the person you’ll click with straight away and probably end up being lifelong friends with.

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